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We develop DeteAct AppSec Platform and provide the managed vulnerability management services

Security Assessment

Scanner orchestration

DeteAct AppSec Platform (DASP) orchestrates the vulnerability scanners (SAST/DAST/network) and merges their reports.

Continuous Penetration Testing

CI/CD Integration

The DASP API can be used to connect the vulnerability scanners to the CI/CD pipeline and the defect trackers.

Application Security

High Coverage

We add our own vulnerability checks to the scanning pipeline and develop custom auto tests to ensure high testing coverage.

Application Security

Risk Assessment

Aggregation of data from different sources allows to prioritize remediation and improve time to fix metric.

Application Security

Continuous Pentest

The DevSecOps process can be upgraded by the private Red Team which performs regular manual penetration tests.

Application Security

SDLC Support

We help to set up the whole process, to eliminate the false positives from the vulnerability scanners, and to develop remediation plan.

Why DeteAct?

We are a growing team of researchers, not salesmen. We solve your problems instead of selling FUD and marketing. When working with us, you deal with the contractors directly instead of paying to the middlemen.

  • Multiple world CTF hacking champions
  • Top-50 hackers worldwide according to HackerOne
  • Testimonials from startups and large enterprises
  • Customers from 12+ countries, including the USA
  • More than 150 projects and 60 customers in 3 years
  • Experts with OSCP, OSWE, CISM, Pentest+ and other certifications

We're developing our own tools to automate the DevSecOps and penetration testing.

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